Wing Athletics

Wing Athletics was held at the sports track in Hemel Hempstead on Sunday 22 April.

An event that almost every Squadron attended proved to be very close event.

Results have been sent out to Squadrons, but the results for the top three.

Class A

= 1st 1239 & 2409 Sqn
3rd 2313 Sqn

Class B

1st 1239 Sqn
2nd 1280 Sqn
3rd 955 Sqn

Class C

1st 220 Sqn
2nd 2409 Sqn
3rd 795 Sqn

Class D

1st 332 Sqn
2nd 2409 Sqn
3rd 1066 Sqn

Wing Athletic Champions

1st 2313 Sqn 185 points
2nd 332 Sqn 178 points
3rd 2409 Sqn 173 points