In The Skies over RAF Benson

Saturday 4 February saw 5 cadets attend number 6 Air Experience Flight at RAF Benson, in Oxfordshire for the flight of their life!

The five cadets came from 2366 (Bletchley Park), 2457 (Tring) and 2532 (Milton Keynes) Squadrons, all with no previous flying experience.

As always there was a briefing to start their day, telling them what to do in the event of seeing another aircraft, what to do and say when their turn came to handling the controls and also what to do in the event of an emergency.

The cadets were then kitted with their parachutes, standard when flying with the Air Cadets, before moving to ‘The Chair’, a metal contraption set out just as the cockpit is, so that they can prove they remembered what they had just seen and for the Safety staff to make sure each cadet can reach all levers.

With that the time came to be fitted with helmets and take their places in the queue to fly!


30 minutes later and back on solid ground, each cadet had now experienced the power of flight in a Grob Tutor aircraft! Well done.

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