Weapons Training Success

A total of 51 Staff and Cadets from Herts and Bucks Squadrons are now trained to use one of the Weapon Systems available to the RAF Air Cadets for Target Shooting.

Report by Squadron Leader H Callaghan RAFVR(T)

Staff and cadets came together from all across the wing for two days of the half term holiday to complete Weapons Training at 1166 (Welwyn Garden City) Squadron on 13 and 14 February 2017.

A course of L98A2 training was offered, as well as two separate days of No8 training supported by qualified staff.

The course was very intensive for all and everyone did well which accumulated in 51 staff and cadets passing Weapons Handling Tests (WHTs) in one of the weapon systems.

Upon passing their WHTs the cadets can now move on to completing live firing at wing and squadron level to achieve badges in the new Progressive Training Syllabus.

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