Junior Leaders Selection Weekend

The weekend of 02 September 2016 saw Air Cadets from all over the country come together for the Junior Leaders (JL) Selection weekend.

The weekend consisted of a fitness test on the Friday night along with some ice breaker tasks.

Saturday began with several leadership tasks as both a subordinate and a leader. Practical and theory navigation tests and a fieldcraft test then followed. The afternoon included an interview, an individual planning task and a group discussion task.

One of Herts and Bucks Wings attendees, Sergeant J Hunt (17) from 1066 (Hitchin) Squadron said: “The weekend was one of the most physically and mentally challenging of my cadet career”

The wait was over after almost a week, when the JL staff announced that 80 Cadets had been selected for JL18.

We are pleased to announce that all three Herts and Bucks Candidates were selected. Well done and Good Luck to Flight Sergeant Baker from 220 (St Albans), Sergeant Hunt from 1066 (Hitchin) and Sergeant Wilson from 1239 (Broxbourne and Hoddesdon).