High Wycombe Cadet leads Air Cadet National Band

In late May, Lichfield has the Bower.

The origins of the Bower date as far back to King Henry II reign in 1145. The event consists of a festival like event with the RAF’s parachute display team dropping in, to live music and stunt shows. There is also a huge parade through the streets featuring the emergency services, morris dancers and floats for local cubs and scout groups. This year Cadet Sergeant Rada from 332 (High Wycombe) Squadron, was in the hugely privileged position of leading the Air Cadet National Marching Band through the streets of Lichfield on the parade.

Cadet Sergeant Rada said: “On the 30th of May, I took part in the Litchfield Bower annual parade, which originated in the 12th Century! I had the amazing opportunity to lead the National Marching Band of the ACO as their Drum Major! It was a 3 hour march, with the band leading the whole parade through the town. I was overwhelmed by the whole experience, as I had only been a Drum Major for the band since April, so going up to the front on my own was very scary at first, but I enjoyed every minute of it even if my left arm felt like it was going to fall off by the end. An unforgettable experience that makes me very excited for the rest of my time as a Drum Major in the band!”