High Wycombe High Flyer

High flying 332 (High Wycombe) Sqn, Cadet FS Will Hilton, aged 17, has had an eventful year in his blossoming aviation career.

Having successfully completed his National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) self launching motor glider ten hour Air League scholarship at Oxfordhsire Sport Fling club in July, swiftly followed by licence conversion to a simple single engine aircraft (SSEA) type, he went straight on to be successfully checked-out as a tug pilot at Booker Gliding Club, where he has already put in several hours towing gliders and where he continues to build-up his powered hours.

He has already been towing in the Club’s Robin DR300 and just this week added tail-dragger and variable-pitch prop ratings to his license and will start flying their Super Cub this coming weekend.

At an Air League Day held at Bicester earlier this summer, Will was fortunate to be able to fly with an Aerobatic Display Pilot (Pete Wells – SWIP Aerobatic Display Team) in a powerful Cap10, and he was really put through his paces. He is soon to be checked out in the SWIP Team’s “Twister” Aerobatic planes in order to get his Display Authorisation and be able to join the SWIP Team as one of their regular Display Pilots.

See this link: http://www.swipteam.com/blogs/Pages/blog-06-05-2011.aspx

Will continues to fly regularly with Aerobatic Display Pilot Alan Cassidy (British Aerobatics Association and British Aerobatic Team) with whom he has been flying since he was just 15 years old, having been “spotted” having won an Aerobatic Gliding Competition when he wasn’t yet solo in a glider.

Will has been in and around gliding and aeroplanes ever since he was very young as his dad is Deputy CFI at Booker Gliding Club. As if his aerial achievments were not enough, Will has managed to “fund” all his flying by either working in the Booker Cadet Scheme (receiving launch credits for day’s worked) or by applying for and being awarded Flying Scholarships and Bursaries.

Will also received a Royal Aero Club Bursary earlier in 2011 which funded his training to train and qualify as a Gliding Instructor with the BGA, and he really enjoys instructing. In between tugging and instructing, he has also found the time to get in several hundred kilometres of Glider Cross Country flying, and notably achieved 100kph over a 300km task on a day of very hot and tricky conditions back in August.

It will come as no surprise to learn that it is Will’s intention to become a professional Pilot once he has completed his academic studies at The Henley College.

Will’s success just goes to show what a lot of hard work, dedication and determination at a young age can achieve.